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Revenue Management

Our expert teams will help with the process of optimizing your property income, by placing the right price at the right time and for the right customer.

We provide best practices in room rate implementation strategies and inventory distribution. We not only provide market analysis but we implement it into the system, thereby enabling your property to get the best revenue.

We monitor market prices, carry out forecasting, follow price movements and room occupancy for your property and summarize it into a daily pricing strategy for your property.

Hospitality Cloud Solutions

Implementation of a cloud-based system to facilitate the process of managing the economy better, saving on salary costs and operational costs

SinergiMax Channel Manager will automatically connect and update rates and calendars to all registered local and international OTAs. So you can save time and minimize price upload errors. and overbooking. There are more than 30 B2B & B2C who have collaborated. so that it will increase the opportunity to increase traffic reservations.

Cloud-based Central Reservation System that integrates PMS (hotel system) with channel manager and booking engine. The Central Reservation System updates in real time and provides easy accessibility. Has the ability to accommodate all bookings, check-in/check-out processes, room rates, edit reservations, and performance analysis and reporting.

Internet booking engines provide experience in managing room rates, inventory and promotions according to hotel needs. This IBE has been integrated with the hotel system, making management easier. This internet booking engine is equipped with a payment gateway feature, so customers can make payments directly when making internet orders.

Digital Marketing

Reach more potential customers and create brand awareness for your brand properties. With a wider reach, your chances of order traffic will increase

SinergiMax offers comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions from website creation, SEO, Social Media Management to hotel photography which helps make your property’s visuals better.

Our website design was created with responsiveness and user-friendliness in mind, making it easier for customers who visit the site to place orders. Not only that, SinergiMax has a Social Media Optimization service that can increase awareness of your property. Social Media Optimization includes content creation, hashtag analysis, and marketing strategies on Social Media.

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